Akkara Vadisil

Akkara Vadisil by Roopa Padmanabhan


  1. Basmati Rice (broken ) – ¼ Cup
  2. Moong Dal – 1 Tablespoon
  3. Milk – 1 Litre
  4. Gud (Jaggery) – 1 Cup (extra can be added if you want it sweeter)
  5. Cardamom Powder – 1 Teaspoon
  6. Saffron – A few strands
  7. Cashew nuts  and Raisins – 3 Tablespoons
  8. Ghee – 2 Tablespoons
  9. Edible Camphor – 2 Pinches (gives a distinctive flavour)


Soak the powdered jaggery in little hot water (about 1/2 cup – or enough to just cover it). This helps to break the jaggery down into syrup. Boil till it gives an aroma. Set aside.

Meanwhile wash the rice and lentils well in cold water. Take a non stick pan, heat 1-2 tablespoons of ghee and roast the rice-lentil mixture for 2-3 minutes.

Add 3 cups of milk and 1 cup water. Pressure cook it. Mash the rice and add more milk if required.

In the remaining ghee, fry the cashews and raisins. Add it to the rice mixture. Mix well.

Add cardamom and saffron and the edible camphor.

The pudding tends to thicken with time, hence you can add some warm milk to loosen it up a bit, according to the consistency you like.

Krishna Sahai
Krishna Sahai

Krishna Sahai took voluntary retirement as a senior Commissioner of Income Tax of the Indian Revenue Service to follow alternative paths. A multi-talented person, she is a trained Bharata Natyam dancer and has also published a book on the subject. Krishna has imbibed the old traditions of Avadhi culture from her family and is concerned about preserving the vanishing cuisines of India. She consults on financial and business matters apart from running a not-for-profit organization.

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