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Bihari Menu 1

Contributed by Madhu Varma
madhu varma
Madhu Varma grew up with the old traditional cuisine of Magadh which she has lovingly preserved and now shares with us. Some of these recipes go back several hundred years, yet they appear regularly at her dinner table, especially when she invites her family and friends.

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Bihari Menu 1 by Madhu Varma

• Besanauti with Kuccha or Chutney
Main meal
• Bharva Parval
• Vegetables in Panch Phoren
• Dal Lauki
• Bhuna Gosht
• Fish in Sarson (Mustard) Gravy
• Khadeda in Sarson (Mustard) Gravy( Vegetarian Option)
• Palak ka Raita
• Aam Kuccha Achaar
• Boiled Rice
• Roti
• Malpua, Kheer or any traditional Indian Sweet from store

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  • Recipe Template steamed rice
  • Recipe Template rotis
  • Recipe Template aam kuccha
  • khadeda 1
  • Recipe Template fish in mustard gravy (2)
  • Recipe Template bhuna gosht
  • Recipe Template palak raita bihari
  • Recipe Template dal lauki
  • panch-phoren
  • Recipe Template bharva parval bihari
  • Recipe Template besanauti
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