Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary: Vodka Base


(6 to7 servings)
Tomato Juice – 1 Litre
Worcestershire sauce – 2 Tablespoons
Tabasco/Capsico – 1 Teaspoon or to taste
GroundPepper – 1/4 Teaspoon
Lemons – 2, juiced
Vodka – 210  ml
Ice – 28 cubes (approx)
Celery stick or Cucumber Stick – 7
Lemon Wedge – 7
Salt – For Rimming Glasses

Combine all the ingredients except vodka in a jug and stir well. This is your basic Bloody Mary cocktail mix for 6/7 drinks.

In individual glasses that have been rimmed with salt, put some ice cubes and pour 30 ml of Vodka, add the Bloody Mary mix and stir well. Garnish with the celery or cucumber stick and a wedge of lemon and serve.

If you don’t add the vodka, this is the mocktail called Virgin Mary.

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