Chicken Mayonnaise

Chicken in Mayonnaise with Walnuts and Green Apples by Just Manners

Ingredients for chicken mayonnaise

  1. Chicken – 1 kg.Cooked Chicken, cut into pieces
  2. Green Apple – 1 or 2 if small, sliced with skin
  3. Walnuts – 100 gms chopped
  4. Mayonnaise – 4 cups
  5. Head of Lettuce – 1


Keep a few pieces of walnuts, lettuce and apple slices for the garnish, then mix the chicken with the apples and walnuts. Pour mayonnaise over this mixture and cover completely. Keep aside a little sauce to pour over later as the chicken will absorb the sauce while being chilled. Keep in refrigerator. Garnish with lettuce leaves, green apple slices and walnuts.

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