Children Parties

‘FUN’ is the defining word for kids’ parties. Managing a group of boisterous kids is easy when you have enough entertainment to keep them occupied. In fact the entertainment should be the main focus of the evening. Bring excitement into every area from the invitation, the presentation of the food, the return gifts and everything in between!

To make the party run smoothly it has to be planned well.

First list the guests and the age group and then decide on the theme for the evening and plan everything around that. Make a list of all the things you need to buy and to make.  Write out a time-table so that you have enough time to get it all organized.

We recommend a children’s menu with tasty, filling foods, very mildly spiced, easy to handle and which can be eaten cleanly by children. Serve the food warm rather than hot.

The invitation and birthday cake should conform to the theme of the party.

The décor for a kid’s party should not be fussy. Make it festive and bright for a regular party, by using balloons and buntings. If you have a theme, then go with the theme.

Entertainment for the kids can be an ‘Entertainer’ such as a clown or a magician or a puppeteer or a ‘ghodawala’, and games, both indoor and outdoor, that the kids can participate in. Again, if there is a theme, the entertainment should conform to it.

Pay special attention to the return gifts as that is an important expectation of every child! Keep the theme of the party in mind when buying these gifts and wrap them in innovative ways.

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