Cocktail Party

What is a Cocktail Party?

It is a drink party. Wines straight, hard drinks, juices and Cocktails which are mixed drinks are served at these parties with a variety of bite sized, finger foods.

This party gets its name from the Cocktails that are its special feature. Cocktails are made by mixing drinks like Vodka, Whisky, and Rum etc. with other alcoholic drinks, sauces, seasonings, fruit juices, syrups or sodas to make a new distinctive drink. Non-alcoholic mixed drinks are called Mocktails.

When can you have a Cocktail Party?

This is a good platform for both formal and informal gatherings. It is a strictly adult affair. It works just as well for a formal evening, for a business get-together or an informal evening with friends.

What are the timings of a Cocktail Party?

The traditional time frame is two to three hours held any time between 6 P.M. and 10 P.M. but in India it is normally between 7 pm to 9 pm. You can set the time to suit your convenience.

How to Prepare for Cocktails

Where to set up a bar at home?

bar home2

The first thing is to designate a space for the ‘bar’, the place where you will keep all your drinks, glasses, bar accessories and garnishes for the party: it could be anywhere, outdoors or indoors. You can use a writing table, a side board or any flat surface with enough space for people to move around.

A good idea, especially for small spaces, is to make your food/tea trolley the bar: so it can be placed wherever people can access it easily.

What can be done before the party?

  • Prepare the non-alcoholic mix of the cocktail, and place the alcohol next to it so that both the Mocktails and the Cocktails are available at one go.
  • Prepare a plate of garnishes for the drinks you plan to offer.
salt rim 2
  • Prepare jugs of the soft drinks you plan to serve like aam panna or jal jeera.
  • Pre-salt or sugar the rims of the glasses for serving your Bloody Mary and Margaritas and Mojitos.
  • Check all the bar equipment.
  • Prepare sufficient finger foods and pre-plate the cold snacks.
  • Place nuts, chips-and-dips at convenient places around the party area.
  • Place enough paper napkins around the bar and party area.
  • Have a variety of glasses on hand, depending on the kinds of drinks you plan to offer. In terms of quantity, be ready with approximately twice as many glasses as you’ll have guests.

What are some easy cocktails that can be pre-prepared?

There are many cocktails that can be made beforehand. Check our Cocktail Recipes for exciting and original ideas from Just Manners.

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