Cocktails: Drinks Selection

With what do you stock a basic bar?

Bottles of Whisky, Vodka, Dark Rum, White Rum, Gin and Brandy.
White and Red Wine and Beer.
Syrups and Flavourings.

A bottle each of liqueur for cocktails and post dinner drinks, such as Drambuie, Kahlua, Cointreau etc. will complete your bar.

Make sure you have something to drink for each of your guests.

Check their drink preferences so you can stock accordingly. If everyone is a whisky drinker, stock extra on that! If someone just drinks Campari: see you have it.

For cocktails you should have a greater variety, get a few cocktail mixes from the market.

How much alcohol should you buy for your party?

Some simple estimates will ensure you don’t run out of any drinks:

Beer, 2 bottles per person.

Wine, 2 persons per bottle of wine, at 5 servings per bottle.

Whisky, Rum, Vodka and Gin: 4 people to a 1 litre bottle is adequate.

Average at least 4 large drinks per person through the evening.

How much ice should there be?

Budget at least 500 gms per person, especially in summer.

How many kinds of cocktails should you offer?

If you are managing the drinks yourself, then 2 cocktails which can be pre-prepared, such as a Bloody Mary and Tarboozia, should be enough. Other than that the basic everyday cocktails, like a gin or vodka with tonic should always be available.

Krishna Sahai
Krishna Sahai

Krishna Sahai took voluntary retirement as a senior Commissioner of Income Tax of the Indian Revenue Service to follow alternative paths. A multi-talented person, she is a trained Bharata Natyam dancer and has also published a book on the subject. Krishna has imbibed the old traditions of Avadhi culture from her family and is concerned about preserving the vanishing cuisines of India. She consults on financial and business matters apart from running a not-for-profit organization.


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