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Cocktails: Serving Drinks


Serving Drinks: How Much and How

How much liquor is one serving?

Measure your drink with a peg measure till you can measure it with your eyes.

1 small peg or serving holds 25 to 30ml and 1 large peg holds 50 to 60ml. This is the serving size for straight drinks like whisky, vodka, gin, brandy etc.

For wine, about 150 ml is a normal serving.

Port and sherry average serving is about 100ml.

Normal serving of beer is 300 ml-500ml.

Cocktails can vary according to the drink.

Serving Size of Drinks

Peg Measure: Small= 25/30 ml, Large=50/60 ml.

Type of drink Serving Size How to Serve
Straight drinks like Whisky, Vodka, Gin, Brandy, Rum Small: 25/30 ml Large: 50/60 ml Served straight or with ice, water or soda or in cocktails
Red Wine 150 ml is a normal serving Serve at 15*C with no additions
White Wine 150 ml is a normal serving Serve at 9*C with no additions
Champagne 100 ml. Serve at 7*C with no additions
Beer Can vary from 300 to 568 ml (a pint measure) Serve chilled with no additions
Port and Sherry Average serving is about 100 ml. Serve at room temperature with no additions
Cocktails Can vary from cocktail to cocktail: the more alcohol, the smaller the serving. Normally served chilled with ice and lots of mixers and garnishes.
Liqueurs Average serving is 50 ml Served straight or with crushed ice.
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