A Garnish is the decorative element that enhances the visual appeal of whatever you are serving, whether food or drink. Garnishing is almost an art form and it is not difficult to make your food and your drink look splendid, like the icing on the cake!

Garnish each dish attractively to make it look appetising. You can also use the colour of the serving plate to aid in the presentation of a dish.

Imagination is what you need for this, but some basic guidelines should be kept in mind:

  • The garnish must enhance the look of your dish/drink.
  • If using a specific ingredient, the garnish must complement that in colour and flavour.
  • Care should be taken that garnishes are crisp and fresh to add appeal. It is better not to garnish at all than to do it with limp or old materials.
  • To make the table look attractive, use different garnishes for each dish.
  • Colorful straws, cocktail stirrers, decorated toothpicks and satay sticks, paper umbrellas and flowers are attractive add-ons to a simple garnish.
  • If there is difficulty in getting fresh ingredients for the garnish use paper, metal foil, decorative elements, edible leaves and flowers which however should not be mixed with the food.

Some sample pictures of different garnishes that you can use:

mushroom garnish Garnishes

Sautéed Mushrooms garnished with tomato slices on a matching red plate.

potatoes garnish Garnishes

Mint Potatoes in a clear glass bowl with an under plate of green.

8 Garnishes

Lemon Sponge cake garnished with lemon slices and lemon leaves.

chik mayo garnish Garnishes

Chicken salad with lettuce, tomato and cucumber.

shami kebab garnish Garnishes

Shami Kebabs with onion rings, chilies and chutney on a paper doily.

5 Garnishes

Palak Raita with chopped spinach leaves and mustard oil.

4 Garnishes

Keema-matar with chopped onions, coriander and green chillies.

raan garnish Garnishes

Raan with onion rings, lemon wedges, sliced chillies and a radish rose.

moong dal halva garnish Garnishes

Moong Dal Halwa with cashews and almonds.

palak corn 2 garnish Garnishes

Palak Makai with boiled kernels of corn.

orange crepes garnish Garnishes

Pancakes with orange sauce and orange slices.

brownies 035 Garnishes

Paper flowers and paper doily as a decorative element to a plate of brownies.

nut croquettes garnish Garnishes

Nut croquettes with wafers.

Drink Garnishes

Serving drinks with originality adds style. This is where you use your imagination.

gimlet garnish Garnishes

An olive and a piece of lemon for a Gimlet.

Just Manners 2 160 Garnishes

Watermelon and a paper umbrella for a watermelon-based drink.

15 Garnishes

Orange and kumquat slices for a whisky cocktail.

pina garnish Garnishes

Slices of pineapple and a cherry for a Pina Colada.

garnish drink Garnishes

A cucumber curl, a black olive and a slice of lemon for a lemon based cocktail.

10 Garnishes

A slice of a plum and an interesting stirrer for a Rum Punch.

Just Manners 2 199 Garnishes

Mint leaves and lemon for a Mojito.

Just Manners 2 154 Garnishes

Celery sticks and leaves and a lemon slice for a Bloody Mary.

Just Manners 2 247 as is garnish Garnishes

Different ways of decorating the drinks.

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