Gujarati Utsav

What is a Gujarati Utsav Party?

It could be a dandiya or garba evening, or an imitation of the kite festival. From the progressive and vibrant state of Gujarat, pick any theme that suits you.

Create the ambience accordingly. And greet every one with a Namaste saying ‘kemchho’, which is the Gujarati Hello.

What kind of clothes should be worn?

Women can wear chaniya choli, mirror work blouses, gharchola saris worn with a seedhapalla or patola saris if you are so lucky to have one!

For men, a dhoti tied in the Gujarati style, kurta with a mirror work waistcoat would do just fine. Wear a Gujarati turban to give that special look.

Gujrat Utsav

What is the décor for a Gujarati Utsav Party?

Diyas are considered very auspicious along with marigold flowers and rangoli in typical Gujarati designs. Do use these when decorating the house.

Torans on the front door, mirror-work cushions and wall hangings, also Kutch wool embroidered covers and wool dhurries, Sankheda furniture, Gujarati brass /enamel chowkis will all add to the general ambience, so choose from these to give that special look. You can use Sankheda bowls for serving farsans or snacks before dinner.

gujarati utsav

If you are doing a dandiya/garba evening, get the dandiya sticks and learn the steps of the dances so you can teach your guests.

If you are doing the Kite festival, add colorful kites and the rolls of string to the décor. If someone can fly the kites, it will be fun to do that for a bit.

What should be the menu?


Khakras with Dip

Main Course
Gujarati Kadhi
Tuvar Dal
Bharva Bhindi
Lasaniya Batata
Gujarati Kala Chana
2 Farsans: Dhokla, Kachori
Chatni, Chilli Pickle, Raw Onions, Papad
Thepla, Bajri Rotli, Rice

After dinner, Paan and Mukhwas (A MUST) 

While Gujarat is a dry state, you should have no reservations serving alcohol! Serve what ever is in your bar. Add coconut water, or coconut and kewra with rose petals for the exotic touch.

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