Hippie Party

How would you plan a ‘Hippie Party’.

Who were the Hippies?

The hippies were an idealistic social group that emerged in the 1960s and 1970s in the USA. They were known as the ‘Flower children’ and they advocated peace, love and beauty. They were against violence and war, and sponsored a laid back, alternative lifestyle. They claimed to be against a capitalistic, industrial society and promoted a simple way of life which included living in communes, wearing tie and dye clothes, beads and flowers and walking barefoot.

What is the décor for a Hippie Party?

  • The rooms should be dimly lit and you can use strobe lights or mirror balls on which light gets reflected.
  • Hang bead curtains.
  • Light incense bowls and place them around the area. Patchouliwas a popular hippie aroma.
  • Put psychedelic posters, peace signs and flower posters on the walls.
  • Use Tie and dye table linen or as throws around the room.
  • Set out bean bag chairs and a shag rug. Use casual floor seating.

What kind of clothes should be worn?

Block printed wrap around skirts or tiered skirts with tank tops or t-shirts for women

Bell bottomed trousers with tank tops for both men and women, harem pyjamas with loose tops for men and with tight tops for women.

Use bright floral motifs, psychedelic colors, rubber chappals, strings of beads, forehead bands, long hair or the afro style, kajal, flower garlands, hoop earrings made in psychedelic colored ceramic or plastic.

What kind of music should be played?

Western music of the 1970s with singers like Joan Baez, Jimi Hendrix Bob Dylan, you can download the Woodstock album as that was the ultimate symbol of the hippie movement.

What should be the menu?


Hippie food was at both ends of the spectrum, from Natural organic foods to processed junk food, so serve a selection of both.


  • Simple finger foods such as sticks of carrots and cucumbers
  • with yoghurt dip
  • Fried Tofu with soya sauce

Main course

  • Sprouts salad with a vinaigrette dressing or Tabouli salad
  • Brown rice and vegetables/chicken
  • Meat and Vegetable pies
  • Hot dogs and burgers, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian

Fruit salad with nuts and cream

Serve normal alcohol drinks from your bar. Include a selection of herbal teas and fruit juices.

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