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Are you a good Party Guest? Do you want to be on everybody’s Guest List? Here are some tips to make sure you are always in the party circuit.

      • Keep to the dress code indicated by your host. Inappropriate dressing is awkward for everyone.
      • When you are invited, accept or decline within a day or so of the Invitation.
      • If you have food restrictions or are on a diet, inform your host accordingly, or bring your own food and quietly hand it over to the host.
      • If cancelling after accepting the Invitation give at least a days notice to your host. And have the courtesy to do so personally. An SMS message at the last moment is very impolite.
      • If for some reason you have to bring some uninvited guests, please inform your host well in time.
      • Arrive on time so that your host isn’t worried about you and you don’t hold up the evening for the others.
      • Make an effort to mix with everyone. If necessary, introduce yourself to people you don’t know.
      • Take a gift to show your appreciation. Take something that your host will like and give it discreetly. Flowers are always a good option.

guest rules

      • Don’t drink more alcohol than you can comfortably hold. And do not drive if you have had too much to drink. Ask for a taxi to be brought or ask for a friend to drop you home.
      • Start your meal when invited by the host to do so. Don’t assume it’s alright to eat last or later, as your host will be waiting for you.
      • If you spill or break something, apologise properly but don’t over fuss and let the host deal with it.
      • Don’t get into any unpleasant argument with another guest.
      • Don’t provoke anyone with an emotional response. And if you have been provoked, try not to show your emotions. It is just courtesy towards the hosts.
      • Don’t take your children for a party unless they are especially invited.
      • If they have been invited, make sure that they are properly behaved. Your children are your responsibility. If they make a mess, you should clean it up.
      • Thank your hosts warmly for a nice time and add a few words of praise for the evening.
      • Send an SMS or preferably call the next day to thank them again. It adds a personal touch.


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