Indian 1: Easy Menu

  1. Dahi Chicken
  2. Arhar Dal
  3. Haldi Namak Baigan
  4. Zeera Aalu/Cummin Potatoes
  5. Rice/roti
  6. Ice cream with mangoes and chikki

Method for Menu

  1. Prepare the vegetables and spices for all the dishes in the menu and divide them according to each recipe.
  2. Marinate the chicken.
  3. Put the dal to boil.
  4. Put the potatoes to boil.
  5. Prepare atta for roti.
  6. Marinate the baigan.
  7. Chop the Mangoes.
  8. Crush chikki.
  9. Peel potatoes and cut them.
  10. Temper dal.
  11. Put chicken on fire to cook.
  12. Saute potatoes.
  13. Boil rice.
  14. Make rotis.

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