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Indian Menu 1

Contributed by Chef Deepak


Deepak is the Head Chef of the Lagoon Club at Gurgaon. He is passionate about Indian Cuisine, and has mastered many regional specialities. Nothing gives him greater pleasure than people enjoying his food. He shares some of his popular recipes.

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Pan Indian Menu 1 by Chef Deepak
Main meal
• Mutton Roganjosh
• Chicken Moradabadi
• Gatta Curry (Vegetarian Option)
• Vegetarian Nargisi Curry (Vegetarian Option)
• Stuffed Brinjal
• Palak Makai
• Sauteed Cauliflower
• Arhar Dal
• Roti
• Boiled Rice
• Moong Dal Halwa
• Shahi Tukra

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  • shahi tukra
  • nargisi curry
  • Recipe Template steamed rice
  • mutton roganjosh
  • gatta curry
  • palak makai
  • arhar dal
  • sauteed cauliflower
  • mung dal halwa
  • chicken moradabadi
  • stuffed brinjal
  • Recipe Template rotis
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