The party starts with the invitations. Whether you are sending an SMS or an email, a printed card, or even on the phone, your invitation must include the following information: the date, time, place and type of get-together.

Indicate the dress code for the party so that your guests are appropriately dressed. An RSVP (Respondez S’il Vous Plait, meaning ‘Please Reply’) with the name and phone-number/email address, specifies the person to whom the replies have to be sent.

The phrasing of the invitations is as individual as the hosts, but for formal affairs, there is an accepted format. For more casual events, you can use whatever forms you like. Just be careful that all the information is included.

A formal invitation is always written in the third person. If handwritten, it should be in formal lettering, neatly done with no cuts or deletions.

Formal Invitations:

If there is a company logo or a family crest or logo, it will come on top centre.

Format 1

Just Manners Invitations (1)

Format 2

Just Manners Invitations (2)

Format 3

Just Manners Invitations (3)

Informal Invitations:

Format 1

Just Manners Invitations (4)

Format 2

Just Manners Invitations (5)

General Childrens Party Invitations:


Just Manners Invitations (6)


Just Manners Invitations (7)


Just Manners Invitations (8)


Just Manners Invitations (9)

Harry Potter Theme Party

Just Manners Invitations (10)

Hedwig, Harry Potter’s owl, is dropping off your invitation for a Tea Party

to celebrate child’s name birthday

on date at time and place.

Come dressed as a Hogwarts student!

RSVP Host’s no. / Email

Sports Theme Party:


Just Manners Invitations (1)

Soccer Party!

Please come for my soccer party at place on date at time.

Come dressed to play!


Name of child

P.S. Please tell me if you can come. Call or email me at phone & email


Just Manners Invitations (13)

 Score Some Goals!

Join the teams that are going to battle for this year’s prize: 

Come for a basketball contest to celebrate my birthday 

on date

at time 

at place. 

Sport gear mandatory!

Childs name

RSVP Phone/Email


Just Manners Invitations (11)


The sun is shining, And flowers carpet the floor!

Come for my party, It’s all Outdoor!

Picnic Date –

Picnic Time –

Picnic PLACE –

The day will be fun. There will be lots of games,

I hope you will join me, Shall I add your name?


Child’s name

Phone/ Email

Circus Theme Party

Just Manners Invitations (12)

Get ready to Clown around and have some real fun!

It is (name of child’s) BIRTHDAY!

Please come and celebrate it with us!



 Haunted House Invitation 1

Just Manners Invitations (2)

Come join the Witches & Wizards dance at my Haunted House!

Date –       Time –      Venue –

Please let me know if you are coming so the Goblin at the door can let you in!

Name of child


Haunted House Invitation 2

Just Manners Invitations (3)

The broomsticks are flying around!

Hop on to one of them and come to my Haunted House for some Eerie Times on date at time at place

Caps/Hats/Masks are a must, otherwise the other witches & wizards will get you!

Name of child

Email/Tel. No

Splash Party

Just Manners Invitations (4)
Pool Party (for Kids or Adults)

Come and have a ‘whale’ of a time with us on date at time at place.

Be ready to swim with the fish or be soaked by a passing wave!

Looking forward to see you!

[Name of the host]

RSVP [Phone no/Email]

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