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Kangra Khatta Kaddu

khatta kaddu kangra 1

Khatta Kadu by Sujata Sud Pant


  1. Red Pumpkin- 250 Gms
  2. Yoghurt- 200 Gms Of
  3. Rock Salt- To Taste
  4. Red Chillies-To Taste,
  5. Cumin Seeds- 1 Teaspoon, Roasted And Ground
  6. Roughly Ground Mustard Seeds -1 Teaspoon


Boil the pumpkin after removing the outer skin and once it is soft, mash it coarsely.
In a bowl put the yoghurt, add rock salt, red chillies, cumin seeds and mustard.
Add the pumpkin to this and mix well. Smoke the mixture in the traditional way by doing ‘dhuni’. This is normally served cold with hot puturoos or bhaturas.

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