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Kangra Valley
The Kangra Valley in Himachal Pradesh, has its very own cuisine. The classic meal, called a ‘dham’, is cooked without onions and garlic. It is eaten in courses and starts with the serving of neutral dishes, moves on to spicy, then sour and finally the sweet. Each dish is eaten with its own cereal, rice, rotis or puturoos (bhaturas). Though no meat is served at these ‘dhams’, Sujata has added a typical Kangra recipe for serving at home.

The drink normally served is Ginger Lemon, with a green salt made at home. This salt is a combination of green coriander, green mint, green chillies and rock salt, ground together. This salt is always on the table in a dried form and adds its unique flavour to the simplest of salads, drinks and fruits.

Contributed by Sujata Sud Pant

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Sujata, a retired Chief Commissioner of Income Tax, retained her enthusiasm for good food through her many postings. Growing up in a culture where food was considered almost sacred, this is not surprising. Here Sujata revisits the kitchens of her home and gives us a traditional Kangra Menu.

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Kangra Menu by Sujata Sud Pant


  • Muska

Main Meal:

  1. Dry Mutton
  2. Teliya Mah
  3. Jackfruit Madra
  4. Mani
  5. Mukand or Sepu Badi
  6. Khatta Kaddu
  7. Puturoos (or Bhaturas)
  8. Boiled Rice
  9. Rotis


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