Kangra Mitha

Kangra Mitha by Sujata Sud Pant


  1. Ghee – 2 to 3 Tablespoons
  2. Green Cardamom – 4
  3. Carrots – 2 cups, grated
  4. Water – 2 cups
  5. Sugar or Jaggery – 4 Tablespoons
  6. Roasted Almond, Cashews, Melon Seeds, Raisins and Saffron – for Garnish


In a pan, heat the ghee. Peel the cardamoms and add the seeds to the ghee then add the grated carrot. Cook on slow heat, stirring occasionally.

In a separate pan, make a syrup with the sugar or jaggery and the water. Cook till the syrup is slightly thickened. Once the carrots have softened a little, add the sugar syrup and bring to a boil. Cook till the carrots are soft and mushy but syrupy.

Garnish with roasted almond, cashews, melon seeds, raisins and saffron.

Mitha is eaten with rice or puturoos.

Tip: Mitha can be made with grated carrots, grated or finely cubed potatoes, cooked rice or boondi.

Krishna Sahai
Krishna Sahai

Krishna Sahai took voluntary retirement as a senior Commissioner of Income Tax of the Indian Revenue Service to follow alternative paths. A multi-talented person, she is a trained Bharata Natyam dancer and has also published a book on the subject. Krishna has imbibed the old traditions of Avadhi culture from her family and is concerned about preserving the vanishing cuisines of India. She consults on financial and business matters apart from running a not-for-profit organization.

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