Kids Party Manners: Part 2

Teach your children:

As a Guest:

  • To arrive on time
  • To be dressed as mentioned in the invitation
  • To wish or greet their hosts and the other guests when introduced.
  • To go and sit or play wherever arrangements have been made for them
  • To offer to help the host
  • To eat when they are asked to help themselves
  • To not take more than 1 piece of any item at a time, no matter how much they like it
  • To not stuff their mouth
  • To take bites that they can comfortably chew
  • To ask to go to the bathroom if they have dropped food on themselves to clean up
  • To say sorry to the host if they have dropped something on the floor and help to clean it up
  • To not fight with other children or shout at anyone
  • To not run around a room specially if there are older people in the room unless it has been cleared for a game
  • Say good bye to the other guests and ‘Thank You’ to their host and the parents before they leave
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As a Host:

  • To be at hand to greet all their guests individually
  • To mix with everyone, and not only with their best friends
  • To see that their friends are served first even if it is their birthday
  • To not grab the gifts that come for them
  • To say thank you for each gift and send a ‘Thank You’ note later
  • To not open any gift during the party
  • To not criticise or compare gifts later
  • To not fight with their guests no matter what the provocation
  • To ask an adult to help if the guests are fighting
  • To make sure all of the guests are included in the activities and no one feels left out.
  • To speak nicely to everyone
  • To say ‘Thank You’ and ‘Good Bye’ to all the guests at the end of the party

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Krishna Sahai
Krishna Sahai

Krishna Sahai took voluntary retirement as a senior Commissioner of Income Tax of the Indian Revenue Service to follow alternative paths. A multi-talented person, she is a trained Bharata Natyam dancer and has also published a book on the subject. Krishna has imbibed the old traditions of Avadhi culture from her family and is concerned about preserving the vanishing cuisines of India. She consults on financial and business matters apart from running a not-for-profit organization.

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