Kids Party Manners – Part 1

Kids Party Manners:

Kids with good party manners are a joy as both guest and host. Good manners is an essential skill that will see a child through life as manners give confidence. Bad manners not only offend people, but reflect badly on the parents.

So do emphasise the following points with your children to make them a pleasure to have around.

Kids party manners:

Teach your children:


  • To say ‘Please’ when asking for something
  • To say ‘Excuse me’ or ‘Sorry’ if they bump into somebody
  • To cover their mouth when they cough or sneeze
  • To not pick their nose in public
  • To not push to get into the lift or through a door first
  • To hold the door open for others, especially for elderly people
  • To say ‘Thank You’ when they receive anything or when someone helps them
  • To not make mean comments about anyone
  • To not make fun of anyone for any reason
  • To not interrupt adults unless it is urgentdreamstimeextrasmall_928595
  • If they do need to interrupt, they should say ‘Excuse me’ and wait for a response
  • To not throw a tantrum for any reason
  • To not whine and complain or tattle
  • To let children deal with their own problems unless it is a serious issue
  • To greet adults and children appropriately when meeting them
  • To address adults with respect
  • To not cling to the parents or constantly clamour for attention

Kids to Staff

  • To say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’ to them
  • To address them with proper respect
  • To never be rude or dismissive with them
  • To always speak nicely and courteously to them

Kids to kids:

  • To not bully or carry tales to an older sibling or parent
  • To not make fun of any other child or other person
  • If they are playing a game and they get out, to accept it even if they think they are not
  • To share their toys and games with other kids
  • To return something if they borrow anything
  • To not take anything without permission of their friend/s
  • To not use any gadget in their friend or anyone else’s home without specific permission
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