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Mango Dessert: Mango Shrikhand

mango srikhand 1

Mango Dessert: Mango Shrikhand by PlotaParty


Yoghurt- 31/2 Cups

Sweet Ripe Mangoes-2, chopped

Green Cardamoms-2, crushed

Saffron Strands- 1 pinch

Sugar-1/2 Cup or to taste or as required

For Decoration:

Sliced Pistachios- 1 Tablespoon

Mango Cubes – A few


Hang the yoghurt  in a piece of thin cloth like  muslin for about 3 hours to drain the excess water. Puree the mangoes. Add the thick hung curd to the blender along with crushed cardamom, saffron and sugar and blend till smooth. Pour the   Shrikhand  in individual bowls or  a large  serving bowl and chill.


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