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Mango Sponge Cake

mango sponge

Mango Sponge Cake by PlotaParty


Sponge Cake-1 (7 inches)

For the Filling

Ripe Mangoes- 2-4,peeled and chopped (depending on size)


Sugar-To Taste



To Decorate

Ripe Mangoes-2,peeled and sliced

Sweetened Cream-100 gms or to taste


Slice the sponge horizontally. Mix the sugar in the milk .Mix the mangoes and cream together and adjust sugar. Sprinkle half the milk on the sponge to ensure it moistens. Spread the mangoes and cream on it evenly. Place the top of the sponge on your palm and sprinkle it with half the remaining milk. Cover the mango mixture with this. Sprinkle the rest of the milk now. If you put all of it together it might get too soft to handle.

Decorate with the sliced mangoes and cream and chill.

Note: If the weather is too hot and you are worried about the cream getting sour you can use custard instead.


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