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Haitian Menu

Haitian Menu

Haitian Menu by Lisa Anand Menu Snacks Haitian Shrimp cocktail Brandade–de-Morou, Fish Patties Main Course Rice with Beans Plantains Fried Chicken Fish Grilled Vegetables Tomato Salad Dessert Flambe Bananas

Indian 1: Easy Menu

Dahi Chicken Arhar Dal Haldi Namak Baigan Zeera Aalu/Cummin Potatoes Rice/roti Ice cream with mangoes and chikki Method for Menu Prepare the vegetables and spices for all the dishes in the menu and divide them according to each recipe. Marinate…

Kerala Menus

Kerala, being the “Land of Spices” has a cuisine which is fragrant with spices and flavorsome with the taste of coconut, tamarind and curry leaves. With a variety of vegetarian, meat and seafood dishes, the range of the food eaten…

Tamil Nadu Menus

Tamil Nadu has two distinct cuisines: vegetarian and non vegetarian. A typical South Indian vegetarian meal is normally served as a 3 course meal. It is a simple and healthy meal. The vegetables are lightly cooked so they retain their natural flavors. Authentic recipes do not use either…

Kashmiri Menus

Kashmiri festive fare is known as Wazwan (or Butt Wazwan). Kashmiri food is unique in its use of spices and emphasis on meat. One of the most elaborate cuisines, wazwans can go up to 36 courses.

Snacks List

From the list below you can choose a menu for Coffee mornings, Cocktails or snacks before a meal. For Brunch and High Tea add heavier snacks to the menu you make. From the Indian Sub-continent: Kebabs: Non-Vegetarian Kebabs Guler Kebabs Goli Kebab…

Sindhi Menus

The people of Sindh have created a unique way of cooking mixed vegetables to accompany, what was traditionally a meat oriented cuisine. Dried kachris (dried vegetables), papad, yoghurt and a variety of fried snacks are a must for every meal.

Indian Menus

Indian menus marry the flavors of the diverse states of the sub-continent to create exotic and exciting meals. While the regional cuisines differ widely in taste and method, there is an underlying similarity that makes the marriage work!

Punjabi Menus

Punjabi cuisine is generous, hearty and nourishing. From the farm fresh sarson ka saag and make ki roti, chhola – bhatura and the mouthwatering range of tikkas and tandoori items, Punjabi cuisine is an amalgam of many influences.