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Mutthi Kebab

Recipe Template mutthi kebab kashmir

Mutthi Kebab by Anand Caterers Pvt. Ltd


  1. Mince- 1/2 Kg
  2. Green chilies-4, chopped
  3. Onion- 1/2 cup ,chopped
  4. Salt-1 Teaspoon
  5. Garam masala-          1Teaspoon
  6. Raw papaya paste-1 Tablespoon
  7. Ginger garlic paste-1 Tablespoon
  8. Crushed red pepper-2 Teaspoons
  9. Coriander leaves-4 tablespoons, chopped
  10. Oil 200 gms


In a bowl mix together 1/2 kg mince with all the ingredients together and leave to stand  for 30 minutes. Then take small portions in your hand, press with fingers to take the shape of your “muthi” or the fist. Shallow fry in frying pan. Serve with salad.




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