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Palo Kok (Hilsa Fish)

palo kok sindhi

Palo Kok (Hilsa Fish) by Kamla Thadani


1. Hilsa Fish-1 large(about 1 ½ Kg), cleaned and cut into 4 equal portions
2. Onions-250 gms, ground
3. Ginger-1 inch, ground
4. Garlic-4 flakes, ground
5. Coriander Leaves-2 tablespoons, ground
6. Mint Leaves, 8, ground
7. Green Chilies-4, ground
8. Tamarind, 25gms,deseed and ground
9. Yoghurt-250 gms
10. Turmeric Powder-1 Teaspoon
11. Garam Masala Powder-1 teaspoon
12. Cumin Seeds-1 Teaspoon, roasted and ground
13. Oil-6 Tablespoons
14. Salt-to taste
15. Chilli Powder-to taste


Mix all the ground and powdered spices in the yoghurt to form a paste. Apply the paste thickly over the pieces of fish. Heat the oil in a grill pan. Place the fish in the pan and cook till done to a golden brown on both sides.

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