Party Decorations


Decorations for an indoor party are mostly in 3 areas. The Entrance, the Rooms and the Table. Use the ideas given in the list below to suit your special evening.

The Entrance

  • Frame the main door with flowers or fabric or little lights or torans (bandhanwars).
  • Have large arrangements of plants or flowers
  • Line the entrance corridor with covered lights and flowers or small potted plants
  • Stick colorful paper windmills into pots near the entrance, or in the garden for a garden party
  • Make Alpana/rangoli arrangements in the corners and along the walls

The Rooms

  • The corners are good for large dramatic arrangements. These could be with plants, fresh flowers, dried plants, drift wood or fabric . Use them to great effect to  set off your color scheme
  • The ceiling is suitable for streamers, fabrics or flowers or leaves strung on thread. Little lights or gold or silver paper or glass balls add to the impact.
  • Use Streamers and balloons on the walls.
  • Use colored lights to create a different mood.
  • Highlight the doorways into the living and dining rooms with flowers, lights and leaves.
  • Helium balloons can also be used to good effect on the ceiling and in the corners.
  • The sideboard is a popular place for stunning arrangements. Here even the crockery could be arranged to great effect

The Table

  • Small arrangements in the centre or at each place setting are popular for sit downs but for buffets the limit is only your imagination.
  • Fruit and vegetable decoration with some flowers and leaves as a central panel.
  • Small light strings around the dishes.
  • Paper or satin streamers criss crossing along the tables.
  • Small arrangements interspersed with candles or diyas.
  • Bunches of helium balloons rising high with the base hidden with flowers.
  • Petals forming alpana patterns.
  • Coloured rice or dals for making a central mosaic.Use holiday souvenirs to great effect as table centres. They make for good conversation pieces too!
table centre4

Pary Decorations List for Children’s Parties

  • Balloons
  • Buntings  and Streamers
  • Colored lights
  • Metallic balls to hang
  • Colorful hanging mobiles with animal, flowers or birds
  • Paper cut flowers and streamers on the walls
  • Khoi bags with sweets and small gifts hung from the ceiling

For the table:

paper windmills 1
  • Highlight the cake in an interesting manner
  • Make mats made from colored chart paper
  • Hang streamers across the table
  • Put confetti and glitter on the table
  • Decorate each plate with something cheerful.
  • Get napkins and paper plates in party themes.
  • Colored Paper windmills can be put into small pots on a buffet table

Ruffled Crepe Paper  picture source:

Rangoli Picture source:
Windmills Picture source:
Radish Picture Source:
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