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Decorations for an indoor party are mostly in 3 areas. The Entrance,the Rooms and the Table. Use the ideas given in the list below to suit your special evening.

The Entrance
Frame the main door with flowers or fabric or little lights or torans (bandhanwars).
Have large arrangements of plants or flowers
Line the entrance corridor with covered lights and flowers or small potted plants
Stick colorful paper windmills into pots near the entrance, or in the garden for a garden party
Make Alpana/rangoli arrangements in the corners and along the wallsdiwali-celebrations

The Rooms
The corners are good for large dramatic arrangements. These could be with plants, fresh flowers, dried plants, drift wood or fabric . Use them to great effect to  set off your color scheme
The ceiling is suitable for streamers, fabrics or flowers or leaves strung on thread. Little lights or gold or silver paper or glass balls add to the impact.
Use Streamers and balloons on the walls.
Use colored lights to create a different mood.
Highlight the doorways into the living and dining rooms with flowers, lights and leaves.
Helium balloons can also be used to good effect on the ceiling and in the corners.
The sideboard is a popular place for stunning arrangements. Here even the crockery could be arranged to great effect

The Table
Small arrangements in the centre or at each place setting are popular for sit downs but for buffets the limit is only your imagination
Fruit and vegetable decoration with some flowers and leaves as a central panel
Small light strings around the dishes
Paper or satin streamers criss crossing along the tables
Small arrangements interspersed with candles or diyas
Bunches of helium balloons rising high with the base hidden with flowers
Petals forming alpana patterns
Coloured rice or dals for making a central mosaic.Use holiday souvenirs to great effect as table centres. They make for good conversation pieces too!


table centre4tablecentretablecentrestablecentre3tablecentre6tablecentre1Centerpiece-flowercentrepiecespring_centerpiece_

Pary Decorations List for Children’s Parties


Buntings  and Streamers

Colored lights

Metallic balls to hang

Colorful hanging mobiles with animal, flowers or birds

Paper cut flowers and streamers on the walls

Khoi bags with sweets and small gifts hung from the ceiling

For the table:

Highlight the cake in an interesting mannerpaper windmills 1

Make mats made from colored chart paper

Hang streamers across the table

Put confetti and glitter on the table

Decorate each plate with something cheerful.

Get napkins and paper plates in party themes.

Colored Paper windmills can be put into small pots on a buffet table

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