Restaurant Manners

Restaurant Manners are a must, as often office meetings spill over into lunches and dinners in a restaurant and you don’t want to embarrass yourself or your company!

Keep these points in mind when going out for an official or a casual get-together.

For the Host

  • Choose a restaurant within your budget.
  • Book a table in advance.
  • If you are pre-ordering the food the food, keep your guests tastes in mind.
  • Dress appropriately and arrive on time.
  • Always stand up when a lady joins you at the table, or when she leaves it.
  • If you are inviting somebody, it is expected that you will pay the bill.
  • If you plan that your guests will share the bill, let them know in advance to prevent any embarrassment.
  • Never suggest to your guests, that what they are ordering is too expensive or too much.
  • Never look at the price list when ordering, except subtly.
  • Do not create a scene or engage in loud or abusive arguments with the waiter or manager. If something is not okay, deal with it unobtrusively.
  • Do not snap your fingers to call the waiter.
  • Do not be so loud that you disturb conversations at other tables.
  • If you are being disturbed, quietly ask the manager to deal with the situation.
  • Be attentive to people at your table.
  • Let your guests order their meal before you order yours.
  • Have as much alcohol as you can hold.
  • Deal with any discrepancy in the bill quietly but effectively.
  • Do not appear to ponder too long over the bill or tip.

For the Guest

  • Arrive on time, and dress appropriately for the restaurant.
  • Do not order your food from the waiter if you are a guest, but tell your host what you want, if asked.
  • Sometimes the host orders the meal beforehand, in which case eat what is on offer, unless you are allergic to some food.
  • Do not wipe off cutlery or glassware with your napkin. If dishes aren’t clean, ask the waiter quietly for replacements.
  • When you wish to use the toilet, excuse yourself and leave quietly.
  • Never complain about the food or drink. Just leave it if it is not suitable.
  • When you are the guest, try and order a medium priced dish or drink. Don’t go for the most expensive.

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