Romantic Dinner for Two

Plan a romantic dinner when you want to show your partner that they are special. True romance comes from within and it is the little things that make the difference. Just keep in mind that the dinner has to create the right mood and it should be a memorable experience. The emphasis should be in being together, and everything should support that aim.

Here are some tips to make your evening special:

Focus on the little things.

MAKING EVERYTHING SPECIAL should be the defining concept: it doesn’t have to be expensive, just thoughtful. If your partner likes a particular color, or fragrance or flower, try and get that for the evening. Cook his/her favorite foods, or try a cuisine that s/he would enjoy.

Make it Unique and make it Personal.

Think about what is distinctive about your partner and what excites him/her. Then do those things which have special meaning.

Surprise your Partner.

Do something different, something that would be a pleasant surprise for your partner. If it is dancing, clear a space and put on some slow music to dance to. It could be a surprise gift in a cracker or a wine glass or a piece of jewelry by the plate. It could be a romantic poem or tickets to a game or performance, tucked into the napkin or whatever is a special treat for your partner. Use your imagination!

Plan the evening:


Set the mood for the evening with a special-for-the-two-of-you only invitation: Send it with flowers or wine or whatever gesture your partner would appreciate, even if s/he live in the same home as you!

Or surprise your partner with a wonderful dinner, but plan it on a day when the chances of getting delayed is unlikely.

Preparation of the home:

It is very important to create the right ambience. This is not an evening of bright lights, so keep them low, have soft music playing. Get flowers and fragrances for the room. Make that special drink that your partner likes and keep it ready.

Arrange the dining area with imagination: candles or diyas on the table, sideboard and wherever you plan your after dinner coffee or drinks.

Use flowers creatively. You can put fragrant petals in the napkins, scatter them on the table and add some glitter.

Use a color theme for your table. It could be your partner’s favorite color, or something muted like pastels. Silver, gold and sheer white are always safe options, teamed with reds or fuchsia.

Have sparkling table ware: porcelain, crystal, silver are popular, but go with what your partner likes.


Plan a ‘Romantic Personalized Menu’. Have the favorite foods of your partner made, but add an exotic touch if possible.

Have everything ready beforehand so you only have to serve. This is not the time for you to be in the kitchen unless you plan to cook together, which is also a good idea if your partner also likes to cook.

Avoid foods that have strong odors or are difficult to eat. You want to concentrate on each other and not only on the meal!


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