Sindhi Menu 1

Contributed by Kamla Thadani

aunty thadani 1

Kamla Thadani is an exceptional cook and her meals are famous among her large social group. She ran a successful business of chutneys, pickles, jams and preserves under ‘Mum’s Home Products’ which Delhi’s old timers will still remember.

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Sindhi Menu 1 by Kamla Thadani

Main meal

• Sai Bhaji
• Kabuli Chana
• Alu Tuk
• Palo Kok (Hilsa fish)
• Masala Bhindi
• Sel Gosht
• Sana Pakora
• Samosa
• Plain Dahi
• Pao (or slices of Bread)
• Methi Pulao


• Any traditional Indian Kheer

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