Splash Party for any group.


Invite those kids who will enjoy the water and don’t have any medical problems. Watch out for bullies as you don’t want accidents here.

Specify that it is a water party and the children should be suitably attired in a swim suit or clothes that can get wet. They should bring a change, rubber foot wear and towels.

The invitations could be in the shape of a paddling pool with child, a water slide picture or anything which conveys the idea of splashing in water. Check our suggestions.


This is a messy affair so if you are having it at home, be prepared to have the house wet. Remove anything that can get damaged with water, including carpets and durries. Make space for the children to run around, but watch out that they don’t slip on wet feet. Or lay out non-skid matting in that area.

You can put the paddle pools in the lawns, verandah or even the balcony. Be ready with lots of towels. Have lots of help to watch over kids. Ask the parents to help out.

If you can, have this party in a children’s park, where they can play other games too. You can take the paddle pools into the park but have water ready to rinse the children as they will get really muddy.

Or take them to a water park, if there is one nearby.

Decorate the rooms or the lawns by hanging blue and yellow crepe buntings and streamers and blue and green balloons. Make gold paper cutouts of the Sun and place them around the room.

Game Options

  • Blowing bubbles: keep buckets of soapy water around and give the children bubble pipes to make their bubble. This works very well in a balcony. You can make a bubble pipe with rolled paper also.
  • Keep plastic balls, ducks and other plastic toys which they can play with in the pool.
  • Have the sprinklers or the water pipe on in the garden, and let them try and run through without getting wet. Do watch out that they don’t slip and hurt themselves. They will get really muddy with this so be prepared,
  • Water Balloon Hits: make 2 teams, arm them with 5 water balloons each and have them take turns at hitting a target. Whichever team gets the most hits wins.
  • Any messy game like hand painting with water colors.


  • Keep to the water theme.
  • Order the cake in the shape of a paddling pool, or water slides.
  • Serve a blue colored drink. You can use the non-alcoholic curacao or blue food coloring.
  • Cut the sandwiches into circles and use food colors to make them look like beach balls or paddling pools.
  • Bake biscuits in the shape of beach slippers and decorate with gems and silver balls.
  • Choose other items from the Children’s Menu List.

Table Décor

Use balloons and beach balls designs as the mats on the table.

Place plastic ducks and fish on the table or in a bowl of water as the centre piece.

Take Home Gifts

  • Towels with the children’s names painted on them
  • Colorful Plastic Balls
  • Beach Slippers
  • Funky Sun Glasses with Wipers
  • Bubble Blowing Kits

Photo Source of Girl Blowing Bubbles: https://www.citehr.com/

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