Sports Party for any age group.

If your child is into sport, then have a party around that game.


Send out invitations in the shape of some aspect of the sport. A cricket bat for a cricket party, or a ball for soccer or foot ball, a racquet for tennis or badminton.

Sports Venue

If its cricket, hire the cricket field in school or the neighbourhood park and have them play the game with an adult as the umpire. For a tennis party, try the tennis courts in the local club.

Create 2 teams, with the name of the birthday child and a legendary player of the game. Choose the team colors and buy the t-shirts. Stencil the name of the teams on t-shirts which the players can then take home.

The cake could be a cricket pitch or a bat and ball or a basket ball hoop depending on the game being played.

Have foods like burgers, hot dogs, pizzas and chips, fudge bars which the children can eat on the games field.

Take home gifts

Choose from the list below or make up your own:

  • Take home gifts could be the t-shirt with the teams names stenciled on it
  • Cricket balls/basketball balls/soccer balls
  • Caps
  • Hair bands
  • Wrist bands
  • Socks
  • Soccer or other ball containers with goodies

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