Tamil Nadu Menu 1

Tamil Nadu Menu

Contributed by Roopa Padmanabhan

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Roopa Padmanabhan’s warm hospitality whether in a basha, a barrack or the grandeur of Army House will always be remembered by those who were privileged to be her guests. Her food retained its authentic Tamil Brahmin flavor no matter where she lived. Dignitaries from around the world relished this distinctive southern cuisine.

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Tamil Nadu Menu 1 by Roopa Padmanabhan

Main Meal

  • Paruppu
  • Steamed Rice to be served with 2 spoons of desi ghee
  • Paruppu Kuzhambu (Sambhar) and /or Morkuzhambu (S.Indian Khadi)
  • Tomato Rasam
  • Beans with Coconut
  • Kootu /Avial
  • Vazhakkai (Kela) Karamudhu
  • Vellarikkai (cucumber) Pacchadi
  • Appalam (Pappad) Fried
  • Thayir Vadai
  • Baghala Bath (curd rice)


  • Akkara vadisil

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