Theme Parties

Theme parties are a lot of fun, and have become very popular. So for your next get together plan a great theme party.

What is a Theme Party?

It is a party that creates the atmosphere of a particular time, culture or event and the guests and hosts have to be make – believe that they have been transported to that time or place during the party. The entire evening must be cohesive. So the clothes, food drink, decor music and entertainment must be of the same theme.

How do you plan a Theme Party?

Research the theme properly.

Find out about the clothes, food, drinks, décor, music, entertainment and attitude of that time. Be sure you can create that environment or then choose another theme.

Send the invitations well on time, informing people about the theme so that they can come appropriately dressed and mentally prepared to step into that time or space. Emphasise that the party won’t be much fun unless all the guests get into the spirit of the evening. However, to be safe, be sure to keep some extra accessories for guests who don’t come in the appropriate clothes.

When can you have a Theme Party?

A Theme Party is ideal when you have a large guest list and want to do something special.

At popular festivals like Diwali or Christmas or birthdays and anniversaries.

Or, when you just want to have some fun.

What are some fun themes for parties?

Ideas like ‘the Hippie Party’, ‘Goa Carnival’, ‘Lakhnavi Shaam’, or ‘Gujarati Evening’ themes can be a lot of fun as you can create an entire ambience, transporting your guests to that time.

Color themes, like ‘Black and White’ or ‘Red and White’ are easy to do and great for a Cocktail Party or a last minute get together where you just want to add an element of fun.

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