Vegetables in Mayonnaise

Vegetables in Mayonnaise with Walnuts and Green Apples (Vegetarian Option) 


  1. Tomatoes – 200 gms, cut into cubes
  2. Cucumber – 200 gms, cut into cubes
  3. Carrots – 200 gms, cut into cubes
  4. Boiled peas – 200 gms
  5. Steamed Cauliflower florets – 200 gms
  6. Green apple – 1 sliced
  7. Head of Lettuce – 1 broken into bite sized pieces
  8. Walnuts – 100 gms, roughly chopped
  9. Eggless Mayonnaise – 2 cups


Keep a few pieces of walnuts, lettuce and apple slices for the garnish, then mix the vegetables with the apples and walnuts. Pour in half the mayonnaise and mix. Pour the remaining mayonnaise over the mixture. Keep in refrigerator. Garnish with lettuce leaves green apple slices and walnuts.

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