Zoo Party for 3 years and above.


Send out the invitations specifying the theme and the costume. The invitations could be cut outs of animal shapes or a picture of a zoo or animal/s pasted on coloured chart paper. Get your child to help.

It would be best if you discuss with the other parents the children’s costumes so that you don’t have too many of the same animals from the zoo.

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If you can, take them to the zoo for a picnic otherwise create the right ambience in your own home: put stuffed toys around,play sounds of animals on the tape, place lots of potted plants to give the look of a jungle, stuff the khoi bag with plastic toy animals or biscuits in the shape of animals among other sweets.

Games options

  • Ask the kids to recognize specific animal sounds and give out sweets or small chocolates as prizes.
  • Play ‘Passing the parcel’ and animal impersonations (Bark like a dog, jump like a kangaroo, run like a leopard) will be the penalty.
  • Hide small plastic animals around the house or garden and get the kids to find them. They get to keep those animals.

Party food

  • Order the Cake in the shape of the birthday child’s favourite animal.
  • Cut the sandwiches in animal shapes.
  • Kulchas in the shape of a hippo or butterfly and colored with food color accordingly.
  • Use cookie cutters in animal shapes for biscuits.
  • Choose other food items out of the childrens menu.

Table decor

Keep plates, forks napkins with the animal motif. You can draw animal shapes on chart paper and use those for place mats.

Take home presents

  • Choose from these suggested options if you like.
  • Block print animal motifs on t-shirts with potato stencils which they can make and take home.
  • Pen and pencils with animal motifs.
  • Animal mugs/plates/glasses.
  • Anything like bags, night slippers with animal motifs.

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